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  Shallow, unsubstantial, hook filled drivel: word that many have used up until now when asked to label Pop Music... Allegra Duchaine is on a journey to change that - to make POP music all of the yummy, sticky, hook filled, approachable, radio friendly candy that it is, but with substance, passion and depth of more seasoned genres such as blues, soul and folk. Her goal is to give the face of modern pop music a makeover. For the past 15 years, Allegra has had serious investment in her music, since writing and performing with her first band, Next Exit.  Since then she's continued her crafty, charismatic convictions, building an extensive and impressive repertoire of original tunes. 

   Currently a world traveler, Allegra is playing gigs nightly and residing daily on the tiny island of Fiji in the South Pacific. Experience and travel have gone hand in hand for her, constantly and consistently assisting her in writing and playing songs in which everyone, everywhere can find so much more than just a night of great entertainment.  On stage, she bears her soul and leads with laughter, singing her heart out for spellbound crowds across the globe.  Constantly preparing for each new adventure Allegra Duchaine is ready for all the big things coming her way!


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